A Girl with Harlequin Ichthyosis Teaches Us About Positive Mindset

Ever complain about something and wished for a certain outcome but felt God and The Universe is ignoring you?

I've had many episodes of this. I've even been so evil to scream to God, "I don't care what other people are going through I'm thinking of myself right now, I can't help but think about myself". Of course I immediately apologize when I calm down. I'm not crazy, and I love and fear God, lol.

Well the following video shows why God and The Universe doesn't seem to be listening. I say seem, because he is listening but he sees all and you can only see "you". God and This Universe knows you can get through anything, it all depends on your mindset. It knows there are people who have bigger obstacles than you and they overcome them, so these entities will not get emotional and become excited about your predicaments, even though you'll be helped through them when you ask. 

This is not a video where you should feel sorry for Hunter Steinitz who suffers from Harlequin Ichthyosis, this is a video where you should absorb her ENERGY and the mindset she has, despite her condition. 

She does not want you to pity her or feel sorry for her. Though her life is harder than some, everyday her main goal is to learn how to live with her condition and enjoy her life despite this obstacle seen on the surface. Everyone has obstacles her's is simply seen on the surface.

I swear I love the spirit and ENERGY of this little girl, she brightened my day and will brighten yours too. This video will compel you to have a better Mindset in life when facing obstacles in life.

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