Brooklyn Students Being Escorted Home Due to Violence

I think a Blind man could see that Black people have become desensitized at this point. We're desensitized to the violence that runs rapid through many of our communities. We simply learn how to work our way around it like the piles of dog crap that litter many poor neighborhoods. Picking it up would be out of the question. Making sure others do the same is really out of the question. So The Universe goes to sleep and allows us to carry on with our masochistic behavior. 

Well, as the title states students are now being escorted home at P.S. 150 in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

After a mother of 12 children Zurana Horton was shot and killed last month while shielding children from gunfire, the school decided to take action and develop a program to escort children home. The program's called "Walking School Bus". Children are sectioned off by groups and walked home with a teacher.

Of course, these teachers are made of stone and can take a bullet and keep on going though Zurana Horton couldn't.

All sarcasm aside here's my problem with this race

I can honestly say I'm tired of the non-action of our communities. Black people have no intention of doing what is necessary to help the children of our communities grow in a more productive way. Over the years we have allowed all the stereotypes that are said to define us become us.

We have to understand that we are an instant gratification race. This is something that we have to fight. This is not something we should take with a grain of salt.

What does being an instant gratification race mean?

It means that we don't understand the concept of sacrificing to succeed in the long-run. I will go even further and emphasize that I mean this in a spiritual way. I mean this in a way that suggests we don't know how to  break away from those things we have found comfort in.

We MUST, we MUST, cease support to all ENERGIES that make our communities endangered. We MUST cease all support to those ENERGIES that we don't want to become part of our environments.

That's only one step among many that need to be taken to release the negative ENERGIES of our community, but it's a step that would get the Universe's attention. See The Universe is confused. The Universe sees a race of people who claim they want to put an end to gun violence but celebrate and reward those who promote that ENERGY.

This is confusing to the Universe so it's a wish and desire ignored. Just like it's a wish and desire ignored by Black Youth. The Universe does not discriminate when it comes to ENERGIES it simply gives you more of what you accept and make a focus.

Now I don't wish to make this a long article, I simply want to focus on the first step needed in breaking away from the ENERGY of gun violence in our communities.

In order to regain the minds and attention of those youths who live by gun violence, we have to tear down the ENERGIES that empower them and lead them in that direction.

Only the weak can be guided, this is why it's been so easy for many to lead Black people in all types of directions.

I can almost bet my bottom dollar that the principal and teachers of this school along with the students watch The Grammy's and other award shows when they are celebrating the criminal minded. I can almost assure you that when Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and the Young Jeezy's are being awarded, they clap and cheer them on. Even those who are passive are just as bad. In fact The Universe despises passiveness. Passiveness is equal to fear and fear is never rewarded by The Universe. Fear is like "still air' and simply allows whatever stable strong ENERGY in its environment to carry on and grow force.

For those who are not clear about what I'm saying, I will explain a little further then just write you off as being a willing "stiff-neck".

Many of the children in these communities don't have a sense of power or direction. Now they are living, they are breathing and will find a source that allows them to feel what they don't have. They will not just wander and long for a feeling of power and relevance. Especially when a source is handed to them and right in front of their face.

This culture motivates these children, the culture is what these youths can relate to and look up to. This is why they emulate it with ease. Now of course, through the years the situation has become even more complex. Because they find power in the culture gangs and gun violence has only gotten worst. It's gotten worst to the point where youths on in the streets find it a necessity to have a gun. Not having one would be beyond comprehension.

I'm not going to go on about this, it's at the point where I think Black people where simply made to lose. I say this because Black people know what I'm saying is correct they just don't have the strength of sacrifice to fight or change it.

It's one of the reason why I think it's funny when "so-called" positive Black men complain about not being respected in the community. They fail to realize that its the "Raft of The Universe". They fail to see they will always seem "soft like cotton" and weak because opposite ENERGIES are in positions where they seem stronger. They are in positions that influence the youth more. The voice of a positive Black man is a whisper, it's insignificant against the roar of Black men who are negative. In turn, the youth suffer due to the weakness of Positive Black men who should be able to help and protect them.

Again I will talk more about this later, but I wanted to address the first step to gaining the minds of the youth who act out the dominating ENERGIES of this culture in order to feel power due to not truly having any.


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Or anything that features and celebrates gun violence ENERGIES. I know I'm closer to God than most of ya'll and can sacrifice and be turned off to negativity more than most, but you can BUILD STRENGTH too. This is why God allows great destruction in our communities and will continue to do so.

Stay tuned for my article that reveals why many Black people have NO SHAME in "Robbing when they are Broke", in this era and ow that ENERGY is intensified in the culture.


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