Black Men Who Sue The Bachelor Reveal an ENERGY

(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)
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Though this revolves around a T.V. show, I refuse to put it on my Black Celebrity Energy site, because these men are far from celebrities. These are the times I'm beyond embarrassed. There's no denying that this race is a pain in the ass and have been programmed to think in demented ways. Ways that always make us a race with our hand out, a race that never builds. Why build when you can allow others to do so.

The show The Bachelor has been out for years and like many other Black people, I never gave it any thought. I never longed for Black people to be on the show or even looked to see if they were. The Bachelor is a White show created by White people and supported by a prominently White audience.

Well obviously Christopher Johnson and Nathaniel Claybrooks loved the show. They both tried to become contestants on the show and claimed they were refused because they're Black. To make their lawsuit seem more noble and meaningful they are suing the show The Bachelorette also. 

Yes, they are frustrated because they feel they don't stand a chance of ever becoming contestants, but they also reveal another sad truth. Click More to Listen to my Podcast

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