Should You Leave Your Neighbors Anonymous Notes?

OK I'm not exactly talking about a note like this, but I'm sure they will NEVER do that again!

I think many times we forget the power of communication. We are so use to seeing people in action on T.V. and other forms of media we fail to realize there are other ways to reach people. I, for one, am a stickler for either talking to my neighbors about an issue or writing them anonymous notes.

I like to gauge the situation and make a determination of which method would be best. You might have a Foxy Brown type of neighbor. But, there have been a few times I felt compelled to say something when I felt a neighbor knew better. Of course I've done this with caution and in a way that's not confrontational to the point of creating an escalated situation. One of my former neighbors had a habit of hanging their clothes outside and because each apartment has either a balcony or back patio, I knew my request of urging them not to do this was reasonable.

In other words I don't confront a neighbor unless it's something they could not argue with me about. It has to be something they'd feel foolish telling other neighbors I said as if I had "some nerve". For example the neighbors that I addressed couldn't say: "Can you believe she told me I shouldn't hang clothes out front please hang them in the back because it brings down the neighborhood".

In reality at large however, you aren't always dealing with reasonable people. So again I pose the question, should you leave your neighbors anonymous notes? Have you ever thought about doing this?

I want to encourage this suggestion to those who live in challenging neighborhoods and would like to see a change for the better in their communities. Those who have neighbors who are littering, playing their music for the whole neighborhood, loitering, or have unruly kids. This could even be expanded to businesses in the neighborhood, or any, person, family, organization or situation that is changing the quality of your life and community for the worst.

I simply encourage people, not to remain passive because negative ENERGIES grow when they are not addressed. You should not be forced to deal with negative ENERGY.

You can mail the letter to a neighbor or put it under their door, you are not required to included your name and address. This is a great idea especially when addressing those who are affecting the community at large.

If you want to address a next door neighbor based on something that they are doing to you alone. If you don't feel comfortable speaking to them face to face, write a letter posing as another neighbor who is observing what is being done to you.

Dear Neighbor

We are all apart of the neighborhood and want to live the best quality of life as possible. Your next door neighbor might be to kind and reserve to point out to you how littering their yard is affecting them, but I see a sadness in this situation because it's unfair that they have to live this way and I have to witness it. I know you are a reasonable person and feel blessed to have a home when so many people are homeless, so could you please take your actions into consideration.

I am not attacking you, I do not look down on you or hate you. Nor am I trying to control you, but I know you want to be viewed as being just as worthy of living here as anyone else. So to keep harmony we should strive towards treating each other better.

Thank You
Your Anonymous neighbor who cares for you and this neighborhood
You have to refrain from being confrontational at least initially. I don't recommend it ever but some people feel the need to be a little forceful. I don't recommend being forceful, because aggression attracts aggression it's a metaphysical law:
You have to find a way to make your neighbor feel guilty and shameful, not defensive.

So, how about it, how bold are you? Would you write to the home of the teenagers who go out shooting at night putting everyone in danger? Would you write to a loitering drug addict, give them encouragement and even offer them addresses to treatment centers? Would you remind the neighborhood, self appointed DJ that the neighborhood and Universe would love and honor them if they stopped playing their music after a certain time?

There's no limit to how this form of action can be used. Email me if you need help with writing a letter or would like me to write one for you.

Next I will be discussing putting up signs in the community to address major crime problems. First, I want to do a little more research into how successful this has been in communities who have already done this.

Little things can change our communities in big ways. The more harmony we live in the more respect we have for each other, the more respect we have for each other the stronger we will grow!

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