Never Pay For a Cell Phone Charger Again!

I love life, I love discovery and I love when one human discovers something helpful and shares it with another. So I'm so delighted to share a discovery I made with you. I even get a chance to add tips to the discovery to make it easier and more convenient for many people.

You never have to buy a phone charger again.

Not too long ago my phone was not charging for some reason. The phone is pretty new, but since I brought it on Ebay I couldn't return it. So my phone was on its last bar of power and I was desperate. I had to find a way to charge it. I search through videos online and came across a helpful one that shows you how to charge your phone using a "USB" cable cord and the power from your computer.

Now this works if you lost your charger or the cell phone is not charging when you plug the charger in it for some reason. I'm one of those people who have a lot of spare chargers lying around the house from other phones, where one charger does not fit into the other. But if you don't have a charger at all, you can use a "USB" cord to do this.

Watch the following video and then I will give you the modified instructions for those who luckily have spare chargers from other phones, that simply doesn't fit into the phone you want to charge.

OK for those who do have chargers from other phones that you don't use, you can use that instead of a "USB" cord. Follow the same instructions.

Take one and strip the end that does not go into the "wall socket", the only difference is you will plug it into the wall. This makes the charging go faster, it's just like having a regular charger. When you use the "USB" technique that works too but it takes longer to charge. It takes longer because it's not a direct charge and your computer does not put out as much electricity.

When you use the "wall socket" technique you can take the cord with you and don't need a computer to charge the phone, you just plug it in the wall anywhere you go. I will never ever, need a phone charger again in life.

Many cell phone companies have taken advantage of people by making sure that one charger can't be used in another phone even when it's a similar model, by the same company. They know it's not necessary to do this, but they try to make more money in any way they can. They try to force people to spend money over and over again for accessories that aren't interchangeable.

So the Universe's wonderful humans have found a way to work around this and free ourselves........Hooray!

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