A Mother's Decision Kills Teen Son

I don't just report incidents and stories I speak about the ENERGY of an incident and what an incident reveals on a deeper level.

Now for those who have been following my site, there is no mystery that I have a lack of respect for Black women of this era. When I say this it's important to understand that I am not concerned with positive Black women at the moment.

I want to focus on the strong ENERGY coming from many Black women of this era who have kids. An ENERGY that is strong enough that I feel the need to be dramatic about it.

Most of you have heard the story of aspiring football star Isayah Muller who was stabbed to death on his graduation day. His mother is not Black as was pointed out to me, and I know she was not Black but I'm speaking of an ENERGY that is strong within our communities. Hispanic woman and Black women have the same obstacles, I simply address Black women more because I am a Black woman.

Anyway so aside from reminding everyone of the incident involving Isayah Muller I want to dissect what the ENERGY of the incident reveals.

Many of you are wondering why I am targeting Black women when it comes to this story considering a Black man was involved. Some might be thinking how could this be the fault of the mother.

Just to recap: Isayah Muller was a star football player at Harriet Truman High School in the Bronx. In fact he was the biggest star in the schools history. He had a great chance at NFL and was confident he would be a star. He went as far as to tell his mother who was pregnant with twins that they will want for nothing in life.

Isayah's graduation ceremony was being held at Lehman College in the Bronx. After the graduation ceremony Isayah's Andre Muller discovered a bottle of expensive cologne missing from his car, a gift he was planning to give his son. It was his belief that the parking attendants stole the cologne.

Though both Isayah and his father were leaving the parking facility, Isayah's father decided to return to confront the parking attendants. A fight ensued and Isayah was stabbed and killed.

Ok, lets get back to why I'm attacking the mother on this. First understand I always go to the core then outward, I never start from the end down.

I am so, so tired of Black women having children with men who will be the death of them. I am so tired of Black women exposing their children to criminals and men who influence their children in the wrong way.

Andre Muller has an extensive "rap sheet" which includes prison terms for armed robbery and drugs.

He has always been a time bomb and simply acted within his nature. He has lived a life of aggression. He is use to speaking with aggression and handling situations aggressively.

Love is one thing, but mothers have to be wise and the one ENERGY that seems to be lacking in many minority and Black mothers is wisdom. Wisdom to foresee, wisdom to predict.

Many women across the country put their children's lives in jeopardy because they convince themselves that the man that they are with will at the most effect themselves. They do not understand that the ENERGY of one person will eventually catch up to all those that they are surrounded by.

They think that they can protect their kids, they think that believing a man cares about his child is enough. They are horrible mothers, they are not "Momma Bears" who protect their children.

No, they simply hope and pray that everything will turn out ok.

Well as this story demonstrates it rarely does. In some form or fashion the negative actions of a parent catch up to a child.

When Andre Muller decided to go back to the parking lot to confront the attendants he not only made a mistake but demonstrated he's a horrible father. Not only did he fail to protect his son, he allowed his son to become aggressive as if he was his partner in crime and it resulted in his death.

I often wonder to myself how mothers like this can trust their children around "jail culture" men. I ask myself how a mother can ignore the negative ENERGY of a man around her children.

When I absorb Black women like this, they are usually have the lowest self-esteem and the most mutated mentalities imaginable. Many of these women are numb to the aggressiveness of the men they chose because they define the ENERGY of the men around them.

They are numb and grow up in environments that make it seem normal to have a man who is ready to be physically aggressive at the drop of a hat. In fact they have been taught that that is what represents a real man, a powerful man, a Black man.

In turn they bear life with men like this and expose their children to the same.  I hope the judge gives this man as much time as possible under the law. And hopefully the mother will protect her twins better when they arrive.

R.I.P. Isayah Muller


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